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Q. Does SafeTouch really work?

A. We have not only used it ourselves and saw how good it is but also it has been tested in numerous laboratories all over the world. 


Q. What happens if I wash my hands after applying SafeTouch
A. It lasts about three washes, but if you washed your hands very carefully just in case apply 3 ml again.


Q. What happens if I  apply SafeTouch and later I use alcohol based desinfect too.

A. Nothing happens. Safe  touch is still on your hands creating protective layer.


Q. If I took safe touch on my hands and then performed some harder work using  different tools does it wipe disinfect of my hands faster?

A. Yes, it could. We suggest to apply a new layer of SafeTouch after performing harder work with your hands.


Q. Can I wear my gold rings when using SafeTouch on my hands?
A. Yes, but it is always the case that you should apply disinfect without your rings. The gold can handle the agent but some less resistant metals could be damaged


Q. What happens if I keep SafeTouch in transparent bottle?

A. SafeTouch is powered by patented Prebona technology. The solution consists of silver atoms connected to silica particles and dispersed in water. Silver atoms darken after exposure to UV light so the whole liquid becomes dark. It’s doesn’t change chemical behavior or properties of the product, just the color.  


Q. Can SafeTouch withstand cold/frost?
A. No, our product works between +5°C to +30°C


Q. If an industrial worker has it on her/his hands and is in oil, cooling water, etc.  without gloves (which happens all the time) can there be any reaction or can it “remove” the effect of the SafeTouch?
A. No reaction but it removes protection over time.


Q. What is the difference between those who say that they have a 99.99% protection and your product?
A. There are different tests to check how much virus/bacteria is killed from the control sample. Besides the elimination percentage another very important figure is time that has passed between applying the disinfect and virus/bacteria onto the samples. Our product gives protection that lasts for a much longer period of time than conventional alcohol based products. For example the test’s results (EN 18184:2019) show that our product eliminates 99.99% of SARS-CoV-2 virus 1 hour after applying the disinfect. Alcohol based products also get 99.99% of elimination but only for 90 seconds after applying.

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